1% for the Planet: How We’re Amplifying Impact in Year 2

It’s been over a year since we joined 1% for the Planet, becoming part of a global network of businesses committed to putting the planet and people over profit. Joining the community was a longtime dream for Oomph, and it’s honestly been a blast so far.

We spent Year 1 building bridges, flexing our strategy skills, and investing in sustainable businesses to meet our commitment as a whole company — donating 1% of our gross annual sales to environmental causes. We learned a ton, and we pinpointed a few things we could do better. Now that Year 2 is in full swing, here’s how we’re making our membership even more impactful.

Keeping Our Dollars Local

As a 1% for the Planet member, at least half of our 1% donation must come through monetary donations. During our first year, we put our dollars toward Planet Impact Fund, a donor advised fund that invests in promising for-profit climate solutions and makes grants to nonprofit environmental partners.

While we loved working with Planet Impact Fund (which also just celebrated its first year!), we’re expanding our approach in Year 2. Making our work personal is one of our core values as a company, and we wanted to bring that value into our giving by distributing some of our funds directly in the communities where our teammates live. We asked our team to nominate local organizations doing environmental work, and the ideas are already pouring in. Here are a few worthy causes we’re proud to support this year (all links are to the 1% for the Planet directory):

  • Audubon Society of Rhode Island: A local chapter of the National Audubon Society focused on protecting birds and other wildlife through conservation, education, and advocacy.
  • Ausable River Association: An organization located in Wilmington, New York, in the northern Adirondack mountains, which focuses on engaging the community to protect the Ausable watershed to maintain clean water, healthy streams, and biodiverse habitats, while supporting responsible low impact public enjoyment of the area.
  • Buzzards Bay Coalition: An organization in New Bedford, Massachusetts, focused on protecting clean water in Buzzards Bay and the surrounding land.
  • Explore Ecology: An environmental education and arts nonprofit located in Santa Barbara, California, that focuses on inspiring children to engage with the natural world and experience the value of environmental stewardship.
  • Maine Needs: A grassroots organization in Portland, Maine focused on providing for the material needs of people in their community through donated goods.
  • New England Mountain Biking Association (NEMBA): A mountain biking community in New England focused on creating responsible trail stewards to preserve open space while providing epic riding experiences.
  • Southside Community Land Trust: An organization located in Providence, Rhode Island, whose gardens, farms, and programs enable all Rhode Islanders to grow and enjoy healthy food.
  • Surfrider Foundation Cape Fear: A local chapter of the national Surfrider Foundation focused on the protection and enjoyment of the world’s oceans, waves, and beaches for all people.
  • Urban Harvest STL: An urban farming organization located in Saint Louis, Missouri, that is helping to provide equitable access to healthy food and the ability for people to grow it themselves if they want to.
  • Westport River Watershed Alliance: An organization located in Westport, Massachusetts, focused on protecting the local watershed through science, advocacy, education, and community outreach.

Focusing on Deeper Impact With In-Kind Partnerships

Collaborating with the Nature Conservancy’s Rhode Island chapter on a full-day strategy sprint was so much fun for our team. Without an ongoing partnership, though, it can be tough for an organization like the Nature Conservancy to translate this type of strategy into a full-fledged digital build solo.

That’s why we’re shifting our focus in Year 2 to a longer-term project for a partner doing environmental work. We believe that by delivering a tangible end result, like a refreshed website or app, we can more fully live out our commitment to elevate our clients and make a meaningful difference for our planet. Our team is currently evaluating project opportunities with our environmental clients – let us know if you have one in mind!

Continuing Our Commitment Through Community

Since we joined 1% for the Planet, we’ve been amazed by the passion and expertise across the member community. Not only are these organizations invested in growing their own impact for the environment, they’re dedicated to challenging and encouraging one another to do the same – from working with more B Corp service providers to finding ways to reduce their carbon footprint.

Being surrounded by this kind of unflagging enthusiasm has been one of the biggest and most unexpected benefits of becoming a member. We’re all in on advancing environmental justice with everything we do, and we can’t wait to see what our collective efforts can accomplish for our planet and all its people.

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