1% for the Planet: Reflections on Year 1 of Our Commitment

Our work at Oomph is guided by a core purpose: to elevate our clients, our people, and our community. Whether you come to us for a digital platform overhaul or to join our team, we want everyone who interacts with our agency to be better off for it.

So when Oomph joined 1% for the Planet a year ago, we seized the chance to live out our purpose by committing to the biggest community out there: our world.

The climate crisis affects every one of us, and we all need to play a role in creating a sustainable future. For our Founder and CEO Chris Murray, a lifelong environmentalist and ocean enthusiast, joining 1% for the Planet was a personal dream even older than our agency itself. And now that Oomph has grown to a point where we can contribute meaningfully to the cause, we’re following through with gusto.

With Oomph’s first year as a business member in the books, we’re celebrating all the ways our team stepped up to support the mission, what we learned along the way, and what’s next as we head into Year 2.

Year One: A Look Back

When Oomph joined 1% for the Planet, we dove right in as a “whole company” member, the gold standard for corporate environmental philanthropy. This means we’ve committed to donating 1% of our entire organization’s gross annual sales each year.

1% for the Planet allows whole company members to meet their commitment in multiple ways, including volunteering, providing in-kind products or services, and monetary donations. As a team, we decided to contribute our money, time, and talents so that our employees could participate fully. Bonus: Our distributed team got to work together IRL during our 2022 Oomph Summit and roll up our sleeves for the cause and our community. Here’s how we delivered on our 1% for the Planet commitment in Year 1.

Volunteering: Building (Bog) Bridges

It won’t surprise you to learn that we spend a lot of our days in front of screens. So for many of us, having the chance to close our laptops and do some trail maintenance outdoors was, in every sense, a breath of fresh air.

During our 2022 Summit, we partnered with the Nature Conservancy’s Rhode Island chapter to help lay 175 feet of new boardwalk at Whitehead Preserve in Little Compton, about 45 minutes away from Oomph’s Providence office. The new bog bridges we helped construct make this beautiful corner of nature accessible both to young children and people with limited mobility.

A Nature Conservancy shout-out on Twitter celebrating the Oomph team’s instalaltion of 175 feet of new boardwalk

In-Kind Services: Working Web Wonders

While some of our teammates were swinging hammers and driving nails, others were supporting our local Nature Conservancy chapter by flexing their digital strategy skills.

After the chapter walked us through three major pain points on its website, our people got busy doing what they do best. By tapping into our deep digital expertise along with some new strategic thinking tools, we provided solutions to help the chapter create a more engaging and effective experience for all its users.

Monetary Donation: Elevating Our Impact

Since 1% for the Planet’s business members must make at least half their donation in monetary form, we decided to commemorate our inaugural year by supporting another venture in its first year: Planet Impact Fund.

A donor advised fund created by 1% for the Planet, National Philanthropic Trust, and CapShift, Planet Impact Fund takes a dual approach to climate impact investing:

  • Investments in climate solutions: The Fund invests directly in climate solutions and companies that have undergone rigorous screening for impact. When those investments yield returns, they are reinvested back into the Fund, growing its ability to contribute to promising climate solutions over time.
  • Environmental grantmaking: Each year, the Fund grants 10% of its assets to vetted partners who are committed to pursuing environmental justice. In its first year, the Fund issued grants to six organizations that represent a broad range of global environmental solutions and elevate the leadership of communities personally affected by environmental threats.

Taken together, we think these tactics are the perfect one-two punch for effectively achieving results and standing up for those most impacted by climate change.

Certifying Our Membership

After living out our environmental values in many ways during Year 1, we made it official by completing the annual certification process. This involved gathering forms to externally validate our annual revenue, as well as the value of our volunteer time, in-kind service donations, and monetary donations.

It’s fair to say that nobody loves doing paperwork, but certifying was surprisingly straightforward. The best part is, we can now proudly say we’ve met our commitment to 1% for the Planet, fueling its efforts to tackle the biggest environmental issues of our time.

Continuing Our Climate Commitment

One year into our membership, we’re so proud of our team’s efforts and energized for what’s to come. We’re already brainstorming ways to amplify our impact, from investing in local environmental causes to tackling new types of projects to advance climate justice. Watch for more updates as we put our ideas to work in Year 2 and beyond.

Climate change is such a massive threat that it can feel overwhelming to solve – but together, our efforts can make a difference. We’re grateful to 1% for the Planet for the chance to play a part in the solution.

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