Research & Strategy

A solid strategy is the backbone of every successful digital project. Whether you’re looking to upgrade a few site features or architect a brand-new digital experience, we’ll help you create a custom roadmap built to achieve your biggest goals.

Are You Solving the Right Challenge?

Before you can pinpoint the perfect digital solution, you have to identify the challenge to solve. Oomph’s research and strategy process is both data-driven and personal, helping you uncover effective – and often surprising – paths to success.

Uncover root causes

Discover the stuck points that are preventing your users from engaging more deeply with your brand online, and find new ways to attract and delight them.

Make your case

Need to secure funding from leadership or get your team on the same page about digital priorities? Our evidence-based research helps you build consensus and momentum. 

Run better projects

Think of our research roadmaps like the blueprint for a home – a set of instructions to establish how your project will unfold smoothly, on time, and on budget.  

I appreciated having a trusted partner who could not only execute work but also offer sound, strategic advice.”

Mark SooHoo, Executive Director, Blue Cross Blue Shield Association

Our Research and Strategy Capabilities

We ask probing questions, map out possibilities, reveal positive and unexpected consequences, and provide clear recommendations – so you can make the smartest choices for your brand.

Quantitative Tools

An effective digital strategy takes more than data. It requires an expert who can translate findings into action. We leverage a toolbox of methodologies to explore digital performance, user needs, competitors, and technical requirements, then draw on our years of experience to help you put those insights to work.

Our capabilities include:

  • Analytics reviews
  • Heatmaps, scrollmaps, and screen recordings
  • Visitor surveys
  • Content inventory & audits
  • 5-second testing
  • Card-sorting and information architecture testing

Qualitative Tools

Many of the best insights don’t come from a dashboard. From conversations with your team to interviews with your users, real people are deeply embedded into our process – ensuring every solution is built around the human on the other side of the screen.

Our capabilities include:

  • User and stakeholder interviews
  • Cohort analysis
  • Jobs to be done and user journey mapping
  • Moderated prototype or site testing

Documentation and Planning

A key step for large projects, our in-depth audits and research services help organizations understand the landscape; set a performance baseline; and support planning for major governance, content strategy, migration, or redesign initiatives.

Our capabilities include:

  • User experience heuristics audits using the BASIC framework
  • Customer experience audits
  • Technical content modeling
  • Personalization strategy
  • Governance and editorial workflow planning

Ways to Partner

Research, Strategy, & Technology Audits

Still working to define your digital needs? Our standalone audits help teams set priorities and requirements for successful digital builds – especially large or complex projects.

Website Redesigns & Replatforms

Research and strategy is the first stop on every digital journey at Oomph. Our process sets the stage for a website or app that’s purposeful, beautiful, and loved by customers and internal users alike.

Post-launch Services

The most effective websites are always evolving. We apply the same techniques to your existing site to identify new features and optimizations to keep things fresh – without having to build from scratch. 

Want to Strengthen Your Digital Strategy?

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