Digital Engineering

A well-planned tech stack turns your website into a powerful engine for your business. Oomph’s in-house team of engineering experts is here to help you select and stand up solutions that are secure, technically sound, and primed for growth.

Is Your Technology Helping or Hurting?

Oomph takes the stress out of common website headaches: narrowing down service options, selecting the right site architecture, and keeping current with the latest tools as your business needs and technology trends evolve.

Make sense of what you have

Understand your technology and if it’s really working for your brand, then discover whether to level up that technology — or to let it go.

Architect what you need

Develop a strategic plan for your website’s infrastructure, complete with a roadmap for the tools and features you need to operate at your best.

Stay on the cutting edge of innovation

Proactively re-platform, integrate the latest tools and services, and monitor the marketplace for new solutions to add to your back end.

Our Digital Engineering Capabilities

Oomph’s team of engineers turns siloed or outdated websites, apps, and tech products into  sophisticated systems that fuel growth. Our expertise ranges from coupled content management systems like Drupal to decoupled front-ends with more composable architectures, such as ReactJS and NextJS.

Technology Planning & Implementation

Technology is the foundation for all things digital. That’s why we don’t stop at uncovering your digital challenges. We go on to build cutting-edge solutions that help you keep pace with your users’ expectations.

Our capabilities include: 

  • Technology audits
  • Technology roadmapping
  • System architecture planning
  • Vendor evaluation and selection
  • Migrations, updates, and upgrades
  • Ongoing maintenance and support

Content Management Systems

If your CMS isn’t working for you, we’ll help you migrate to one that does. From content architecture to platform functionality, we’ll recommend the right solution, then configure publishing workflows that make it simple to manage and create effective content.

Our capabilities include: 

  • Drupal
  • Composable/headless CMS
  • Personalization tools 
  • APIs and integrations 
  • Custom content workflows and permissions
  • Web accessibility
  • Multilingual and translation solutions
  • Platform integrations, including CRMs, DAMs, and marketing platforms
  • Flexible page builder tools
  • Top-tier website search tools

Cloud & DevOps

High-security industries need high-touch support for their cloud-based solutions. We’ll help you find the right technology partner and work with them to configure a secure cloud infrastructure that meets the complex needs of your brand and your customers.

Our capabilities include: 

  • Infrastructure audits
  • Infrastructure management
  • Modernize/upgrade CI/CD
  • Development workflows

Security & Performance

A few extra seconds of load time can turn a user who engages into a user who exits. Oomph analyzes every aspect of your tech stack to optimize speed, performance, and compliance with critical security frameworks.

Our capabilities include: 

  • Performance audits, benchmarking, and tuning
  • Load and scalability testing
  • Security audits and remediation

“Our business needs are complex, and Oomph truly got that. They even exposed some issues in our Data Mapper flows that we weren’t aware of. Our final designs were timely and crisp, and I’ve heard nothing but positive feedback from our internal team who will work on implementing them.”

BRIAN Tetreault, Director, Revenue Solutions, Inc.

Ways to Partner

Technical Audit

Want to get a better grasp on your website’s back end? Our technical audit is a one-time deep dive into your current tech landscape to make sense of what you have and plan for what you need. 

Redesign or Replatform

Refresh your website, app, or platform, whether that’s moving to a more effective CMS or rebuilding your tech stack from the ground up. We’ll help you build a digital experience that looks great and functions even better.

Ongoing Solutions

Keep our in-house engineering team at the ready, from fixing bugs to performing recurring maintenance to recommending cutting-edge technology solutions.

Want To Transform Your Technology?

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