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Digital experiences that turn patients into promoters

Patients have more choices than ever before, and retail disrupters like CVS and Amazon are raising expectations for the digital healthcare experience. Is your organization prepared to keep up?

Does Your Healthcare Organization Know…

  • Whether your website meets current ADA requirements for accessibility?
  • How to deepen relationships by connecting patients with the right information at the right moment?
  • How to connect and structure back-end systems to keep up with changing needs and emerging technologies? 

We can help you find out. 

Better patient experiences start with world-class digital experiences. Oomph works with healthcare organizations of all sizes and budgets to create solutions grounded in evidence, empathy, and expertise. Our solutions will help you:

Ensure Access

Your organization serves patients who may be facing a variety of conditions, making accessibility a must from both a legal and an ethical perspective. At Oomph, we do more than just meet WCAG requirements. We blend knowledge in accessibility, inclusive design, and digital engineering to create digital experiences that are genuinely helpful for users of all backgrounds.  

Build Trust 

Whether a patient is searching for the on-call pediatrician’s number at 3 a.m. or trying to find an urgent care center for a broken arm, their healthcare needs are often immediate and stressful. We work with clients to create websites that serve patients with sensitivity and respect. Streamlined navigation, responsive design, intuitive system architecture, and HIPAA-compliant data management are all part of building patient trust and engagement. 

Evolve Effortlessly

The digital landscape is constantly changing, and the best websites evolve right alongside it. Oomph can act as an extension of your organization to ensure your website or app keeps up with changing business needs, patient preferences, and emerging technologies. Our dedicated delivery team works hand-in-hand with you, providing strategy, support, and results you can present to your board with confidence. 

Lifespan Intranet, Nielsen Norman Group winner, Top Ten Intranets 2023

The team responded to the importance of communication and connectedness and used those themes as the guiding strategy when redesigning the intranet. They made it more accessible, user-friendly, and contemporary, thanks to their vision, planning, and execution.”

JANE BRUNO, Lifespan Senior Vice President, Marketing and Communications

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Recent Accolades

Explore our award-winning work within the Health + Wellness space.

Nielsen Norman Group’s Ten Best Intranets, 2023, for Lifespan

Digital Health Award, 2023, for The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation

American Graphic Design Award, 2022, for Suicide Prevention Now

Partnerships and Certifications

We’ve assisted numerous clients to build and host applications and websites that meet some of the highest security compliance standards thanks to our numerous partners.

Our team is tested yearly for HIPAA compliance practices

We have contributed to our client’s achieving HITRUST certification

Drupal, an open source content management system

Drupal’s encryption system can support PCI, HIPAA, and state privacy laws.