Jana Aubin

Operations & Finance Manager

Jana is a thoughtfully quiet, behind-the-scenes, keep-the-machine-well-oiled type of person, but she's also a fierce and formidable baker.

As Operations & Finance Manager at Oomph, I wear many hats—from HR and new client onboarding to resource planning and billing. The variety is what I love most about my position at Oomph. Every day is a little different and being good at what I do makes other people’s lives easier. The stiff ping-pong competition in the office is also a nice bonus.

With a degree in Aviation Management, I stop once in awhile to appreciate how I found my way to Oomph. I spent some time working in the airline industry, as well as aerospace manufacturing, and custom picture framing.

Along the way I have learned that the same skills are paramount whether building web solutions, helping people get to their destination, manufacturing sealing solutions, or even framing a beautiful piece of art—it all comes down to listening to what someone needs and finding the right solution. Problem-solving is what I enjoy.

In my free time, you can find me chasing my toddler around, rediscovering the world through her fresh eyes. During her nap time, I’m probably baking in my kitchen thanks to some inspiration from the Great British Baking Show.