Web Design & User Experience

Web Design & User Experience

It is not enough to make something beautiful—it has to work beautifully, too.

Pleasing aesthetics and on-brand design details are merged with a tested and verified architecture and then turned into code that enhances the visuals with animation and interactive details. We make it beautiful, and we make it work.

Information Architecture

A building can’t be constructed without the final plans in place. Our research and data from a Discovery phase help start the foundation of a successful project. From here, we will:

  • Plan out the information architecture (IA) of the project with a detailed site map
  • Iterate and test this new structure with your actual users
  • Start to sketch important landing pages—content first—with a Content Wireframe (just language, from the top down down to the bottom of a page)

Wireframes & Prototypes

The framework of the project gets erected with simple black and white wireframes. When possible, we also explore working HTML prototypes to communicate more of the responsive design that every site needs.

  • Identify the key pages or content types that should be explored via wireframes
  • Draw wireframes of the pages and navigational components from mobile to tablet to desktop sizes, as defined by your current traffic and future trends
  • Demonstrate user paths for key workflows through the site
  • Prototype with basic HTML/CSS to test more complex interface ideas
  • Test low-fidelity prototypes with real users and stakeholders

Components & Pages

In parallel, we explore low-fidelity visual ideas, much like an interior designer might start to think about how the rooms will look. We continually refine and move towards high fidelity with full-page mockups—the final renderings of the structure we have built. During design, we will:

  • Explore initial visual components with Style Tiles
  • Combine the framework of the wireframes with the explorations from the Style Tiles to create Design Mockups that completely visualize key landing pages
  • Identify reusable user interface (UI) components that can be consistent through the project, or identify where these components need to be differentiated
  • Compile a Developer Guide of these components with detailed color, typography, and layout recommendations to ensure a smooth build

Usability Testing

Throughout the process of design, we test our assumptions and verify our approach. But we can do this testing on sites that we have not designed and constructed as well. With various testing tools, we can:

  • Build and iterate on sitemaps
  • Test information architecture
  • Build desktop and mobile prototypes
  • Test wireframes and prototypes
  • Run A/B split tests on small interface changes
  • Conduct user surveys
  • Record heatmaps & scrollmaps

Things We Make with Design

Design can be married with Strategy and Development, but can also be executed on its own with your in-house team of developers. Here is the types of projects that our Design process is typically involved in:

Design for CMS- & non-CMS-driven sites

Interface design for web and native apps

Native app consulting

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