Prototyping Design to Jumpstart Development

Amodern design-to-development workflow for the web involves multiple tools for site maps, wireframing, testing, and design before we even start to touch HTML and CSS in a browser. Is there a way to move from low-fidelity responsive wireframes to high-fidelity design in the browser with an HTML prototype?

Whether or not you use a popular CMS to build your sites, getting into coded HTML and CSS early can benefit any project. J. Hogue, Director of Design & UX at Oomph, recently presented “Prototyping Design to Jumpstart Development” at Design Week Rhode Island, during which he discussed new methods we’re using at Oomph to get a project into code as soon as possible.

We are proud to share his well-attended discussion in its entirety, and we invite you to join the conversation.

Watch “Prototyping Design to Jumpstart Development”



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J. Hogue

Director, Design & User Experience

I have over 20 years of experience in design and user experience. As Director of Design & UX, I lead a team of digital platform experts with strategic thinking, cutting-edge UX practices, and visual design. I am passionate about solving complex business problems by asking smart questions, probing assumptions, and envisioning an entire ecosystem to map ideal future states and the next steps to get there. I love to use psychology, authentic content, and fantastically unique visuals to deliver impact, authority, and trust. I have been a business owner and real-estate developer, so I know what is like to run a business and communicate a value proposition to customers. I find that honest and open communication, a willingness to ask questions, and an empathy towards individual points of view are the keys to successful creative solutions.

I live and work in Providence, RI, and love this post-industrial city so much that I maintain, a documentation project about the history and evolution of the local built environment. I help to raise two amazing girls alongside my equally strong and creative wife and partner.