J. Hogue

Even if the internet breaks, J is our resident Pandora, What the Font?, and CSS Trickster.

I have over 20+ years of visual design experience and 15+ years of experience designing and developing for the web. I lead the UX team in information architecture, responsive wireframing, HTML prototyping, testing, and final design mockups. I love design systems with an emphasis on typography, CSS programming, and the inherent accessibility of HTML.

I enjoy having conversations about what makes your company or product special and how those things can be communicated in the virtual space. We try to prove our assumptions and instincts with real user data through testing, surveys, and interviews. As a team we can chart a course for your next great project.

I am technology agnostic, and love helping clients find the right technology to fit the design, user experience goals, and functionality of the tool, website or app. I am a designer first and foremost, but I also really dig getting dirty with SASS and front-end code.

Recently Worked on

  • Arcadia
  • Inventing Heron
  • Providence Equity
  • RISD Publications