Drupal and SEO, Designing & Building with SEO in Mind

There’s a lot changing in the SEO world everyday. Namely, you don’t have to be super focused on the perfect SEO structure on each page and perfect meta information to achieve ideal placement (though it is still important). Instead, you should be focused on making your website ‘search-friendly’ for external users, and creating a positive UX for on-site users.

This talk gives actionable advice on:

  • An overview of SEO best practices
  • Taking a step back and reviewing SEO in tandem with UX and design; including tips for designers on how to not forget SEO when wireframing and designing pages
  • Reviewing how engineers can build and theme Drupal sites without sacrificing SEO
  • A review of the Metatags module and what you should be using it for
  • Website examples of good and bad SEO

SEO is way more simple than marketers make it out to be, and I want to make sure that all Drupal designers and builders feel confident that their work will be easily found on Google (or Bing if that’s your flavor)!

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