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Health Plan Boosts Member Engagement with Platform Migration to the Cloud




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Oomph created and now operates two key member engagement platforms for one of the largest healthcare insurers in the United States. As part of our ongoing efforts to optimize and evolve the platforms to drive business outcomes, we planned and executed on a full cloud migration. Moving the platforms to the cloud resulted in performance improvements, increased member engagement, dynamic scalability, and tightened security.

The Challenge

After six successful years of operating the platforms with steady growth year over year, COVID-19 and the rise of the at-home economy fundamentally changed the consumer relationship with healthcare.

This change resulted in more people than ever turning to digital platforms from the brands they trust for advice and information on the pandemic, mental health, wellness, at-home fitness, and at-home nutrition. This created a massive opportunity for increased brand engagement, but also a risk that members could turn to other sources. While we worked to shift the experience toward at-home health strategies, a deep look at the system architecture was in order to ensure performance at a scale we had not experienced before.

The Approach

While the legacy data center hosting model easily supported planned year-over-year growth, it was not up for the task of handling the uncertainty that came with the pandemic. In order to smoothly handle spikes in traffic without additional fixed costs of scaling the data center hosting model, we researched and vetted a number of cloud providers. AWS was selected as the cloud solution with support from HIPAA/HITRUST managed services provider Cloudticity. In partnership with our client and Cloudticity, our platform team planned and executed on this important transition in three short months.

The Results

Performance, Security, Autonomy, and Agility

The transition to the cloud resulted in performance improvements during both normal and peak periods. Partner Cloudticity brings advanced threat monitoring and hardened security. AWS and the add-ons available provide auto-scaling as well as granular system access and flexibility that gives our engineering team more power and autonomy.

And finally, the cloud environment provides increased agility in responding to disaster recovery activities. While the transition to the cloud started with COVID, the platform now has a strong foundation for success far into the future.