Shawn Pais

UX Engineer

For Shawn, the proof is in the pudding. User experience is only successful when it works for real people.

I approach development a lot like cooking. I envision a delicious meal; cook, taste, and refine; then serve and watch everyone’s reaction. Whether I’m preparing a hearty soup or writing code, what matters most is the end users’ experience.

Being a UX Engineer at Oomph lets me continuously evolve and challenge my creativity by exploring the many technologies for building digital platforms. Having started my career in the world of graphic design, I developed a foundational skill set for bringing visual concepts to life. Later, working as an interactive designer for companies like Volvo, Yeti, and John Deere taught me how to create compelling user experiences that support business and marketing goals.

What I’m most proud of, though, isn’t my technical skills. It’s my learned ability to listen to and connect with people from all different backgrounds. This has opened up a world of opportunities in my life and work, and it keeps me focused on delivering tools that real people can use.

Outside of work, spending time with my family is what keeps me focused on the people who matter most — especially when it comes to my cooking.

Recently Worked on

  • Leica Geosystems
  • RISD Museum