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As the Director of Engineering at Oomph, my primary goal is to make sure that the engineering team has everything they need to do the great work they do. You’ll find me working with them to find ways we can improve or to troubleshoot some code, helping the sales team spec out a new project, or performing code reviews.

I started at Oomph as a developer for the Drupal platform when there were only a half-dozen of us, and I’ve had the pleasure of helping the company grow to where it is today.

I’ve loved programming since I was in grade school, where I spent a little too much time coding a GUI emulator into my TI-82 calculator and not enough time studying for biology. Before joining Oomph, I worked for another local web company and freelanced as a wedding photographer. I still enjoy taking photos whenever I get the opportunity.

I love to drink copious amounts of coffee when I am working.

Summer is absolute favorite season because I can take the doors off my jeep and hang my feet out.

When not at work I hike, mountain bike, and train in martial arts so I can be healthy.

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