Rachel Hart

UI Designer

Rachel Hart professional headshot photo

Rachel believes that for every problem, there’s a compelling visual solution.

Over my career in design, I’ve seen firsthand how visuals can solve complex challenges in digital communication and interaction. I believe that fully understanding the problem is essential to designing the solution. 

When our clients come to me with an idea, I like to start with “Why?” so we can achieve the best result together. That sense of curiosity propelled me from a fine art and graphic design background toward responsive, interactive visual solutions that improve users' lives. 

Before joining Oomph, I worked with the State of Georgia to create purposeful and strategic designs. In my time with state government, I learned how people from all backgrounds use digital products, and developed a user-first mindset that I carry through to my work today. One of my proudest moments was creating the design system for Georgia’s digital ecosystem  — a massive initiative that launched in 2023.  


Outside of work, I enjoy making pottery and other physical art, playing board games or video games, and snuggling up with my dog. From morning to night, you’ll pretty much always find me with speakers on, either jamming to my favorite folk artists, or catching up on podcasts.