Montgomery Young

Back-end Engineer

Both a problem-solver and builder, Montgomery is on a mission to make clients’ lives easier.

When I was a teenager, I tried to build a helicopter chair using cardboard and a washing machine motor. While it didn’t quite work (it blew apart every time I started the motor!), it ignited my lifelong love of creating new things.

Now, as a back-end engineer, I enjoy partnering with clients to identify their challenges and solve them through technology. I’ve worked in varied environments, including C++, .NET, and Drupal, to create systems and applications for Merck, C-SPAN, and the state of Maryland, among others. One of my proudest achievements was building a system to streamline continuing education and librarian certifications for a Maryland public library system.

I’ve had the opportunity to touch all parts of the project lifecycle throughout my career, from discovery to deployment. When building, I’m always focused on how the final result will make the user’s job or life simpler.

Even outside of work, you can usually find me with my tools, working on the latest home improvement project. To me, there’s nothing better than having the right type of glue to fix whatever’s broken. I also enjoy playing board games – my wife and I host a game night each Saturday with our friends.