Michaella Keeley

Digital Project Manager

Michaella Keeley

For our visionary project manager, helping build digital projects for real people isn’t just her passion — it’s her superpower.

Like the digital space itself, my marketing career has evolved quickly, from the peaks of (literal) mountains to deeply meaningful mental health advocacy.

I've built and produced digital experiences for companies ranging from nonprofits to travel and tourism staples to gaming and entertainment behemoths — all with the goal of making the world a better place to live, work, and play.

These experiences have shaped the project manager I’m proud to be:  a Swiss Army knife of project management skills, giving me a unique vantage point on what it takes to create impactful digital platforms. I wholeheartedly believe in user-centric design, and there’s nothing more valuable than working with real people to talk, test, and iterate on what we create.

Turning ideas into reality is also what gets me excited about the power of project management. My purpose and passion as a project manager is to guide the team, helping us all turn the “what if’s?” in our heads into the “what is” out in the real or online world. To me, if we’ve positively impacted real people and real brands, we’ve succeeded.

Outside of Oomph, you’ll likely find me hiking a trail with my husband Drew, snuggling with my cats Ollie and Bean, making sweet treats (big dessert gal here), or listening to laugh-out-loud podcasts (SmartLess or Armchair Expert, anyone?).

Recently Worked on

  • Earthwatch
  • Providence Equity