Matt Salvadore

UX Engineer

Matt is hands down, the hardest working person I know. Dedicated, thorough, talented, and always crafting the best end product for our clients.

Hello! I’m Matt, and I am a UX Engineer at Oomph. My focus is to provide front-end development solutions with an emphasis on usability and accessibility. Throughout my career, I’ve also gained an in-depth knowledge of Drupal site architecture and theming.

Before coming to Oomph, I was a Web Developer and Web Team Lead at an advertising agency in Pawtucket, RI. Throughout my eight years at that agency, I honed my skills by architecting and building websites for different content management platforms. I love breaking down complex tasks to make them as simple as possible for a website visitor and also the website editor.

Through my years of experience, my passion for web development has only intensified. It’s gratifying to know that I’ve built up—and continue to build upon—a skillset with which I can solve problems both big and small with a simple “What if?”

When I’m not basking in the glow of my computer screen, I can be found out and about taking in a hike, visiting a local brewery, or cooking dinner with friends. I’ve also been working to improve my guitar skills as I am constantly inspired by different musicians.

Recently Worked on

  • AVMA
  • Jewelers Board of Trade
  • Leica Geosystems