Kim Domenick

UX Engineer

Kim is a focused front-end craftswoman who also helps keep fun at the forefront.

Being a UX Engineer at Oomph is challenging, rewarding, and fun! Engaging the powers of Drupal and SASS, crushing deadlines, and producing work that results in a happy client is what I love to do.

Before Oomph, I spent sixteen years in the healthcare field as a Programmer Analyst and Web Developer where I used my skillset to solve problems for both employees and patients. With Drupal as my sidekick, I produced feature-rich public websites as well as powerful, internal apps for staff and providers.

Outside of work, I love spending time with my partner and my granddaughter, crafting with my girlfriends, and hanging out on my front porch. I enjoy home renovations, interior decorating, landscaping, and my latest passion: wine making! My retirement dream is to operate my own winery, offering an impressive selection of wines and, of course, an equally impressive website.

Recently Worked on

  • CatholicTV
  • Radius
  • Sailors for the Sea
  • Genscape
  • Yakima Valley
  • WorforceRI