Junia Biswas

Back-end Engineer

With openness, integrity, and a true passion for problem-solving, Junia is a champion for clients

As a back-end engineer trained in India, there’s one piece of advice I carry wherever I go: you can do anything if you break it down into smaller parts. It’s seen me through nearly a decade of writing code.

Using LAMP and various PHP frameworks, I’ve worked with nonprofits, games, corporate applications, and many things in between, helping brands like Yahoo!, Atari, Rediffmail, CiviCRM, and more. I took a break to be with my children for a while and then restarted my career with Oomph.

I live in the San Francisco Bay area with my husband and two kiddos. Outside of work, I have two accidental passions: cooking and gardening. I wasn’t interested in cooking until I became a mother and realized how important it is; now I love cooking for family and friends. Gardening was an upshot of the pandemic lockdown. We began with a few tomato seeds, and today our garden is full of vegetables! Like I said, you can do anything if you start small.