Akili Greer

UI Designer

When he’s not working, Akili’s usually...working. This diehard designer never stops making art.

My job title is UI designer, but I think of it more as working to serve others. I design user interfaces based on what people need. As a longtime illustrator, I bring an artist’s perspective to my work at Oomph, using art, design, and a little psychology to form real connections with platform users.

I’ve helped launch a ton of brands, from developing visual identities to websites, and I still create design resources for the creative community. Building a brilliant user experience is all about understanding your audience and giving them something accessible, useful, and bold.

Years ago, as a brand-new illustrator, I was ambitious with my designs but I doubted myself a lot. It was the support of family and friends that inspired me to apply myself with confidence and achieve a higher level in my career — including landing my first job as a lead designer. I’ve been pushing my own boundaries ever since.

Recently Worked on

  • AskRI
  • BCBSRI Impact Report
  • Keene State College