United Way of Rhode Island Advancing the Digital Experience

Digital Strategy / Design & User Experience / WordPress Development

A recognized nonprofit brand evolves with a clean, contemporary design and accessible UI that has increased site traffic by 100%.

United Way of Rhode Island (UWRI) has roots dating back 90 years, and has become well known for its mission to change lives and strengthen local communities. The organization offers critical assistance and advocacy, supports education and job training, and provides numerous ways for donors and volunteers to give back. UWRI is focused on generating measurable results to inspire communities and stay relevant to donors.

Traditionally, UWRI has reached out to donors through workplace giving, but in recent years the organization has sought to bolster direct relationships with those who want to make a difference, whether through time, talent, or money. The UWRI website is an important avenue for facilitating those relationships, and making the organization more accessible as a whole.

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The former UWRI site lacked the interactive qualities necessary to increase audience engagement. Its architecture was dated, and its design no longer reflected the persona and energy of today’s UWRI. Along that vein, messaging was a priority. UWRI wanted to bring prominence to its central messaging and ensure that key information was woven throughout the site in a consistent fashion, all while staying true to the brand.

Simply put, the UWRI team wanted its audience to connect on a deeper level with the organization, and then interact with the site itself via event sign-up and form submission, for example.

A full-page screenshot of the United Way Rhode Island homepage.


Oomph was proud to partner with our Providence neighbor and local nonprofit leader UWRI to create an all-new site designed to simplify engagement and prioritize messaging while adhering to United Way’s national brand guidelines. Our teams worked together seamlessly, sharing ideas, inspiring one another, and building an end product that surpassed our joint expectations.

The new site has a clean and contemporary design that brings out the best of the United Way brand through strategic use of brand colors and the implementation of authentic, story-based imagery. Sandi Connors headed up the UWRI team that worked closely with Oomph, and said the new site is a true reflection of the organization. “Oomph was able to breathe a lot of life into the design. We are now able to show that this is an organization about people, and that it’s changing all the time,” Connors said.


A new site architecture makes it easy for the UWRI team to manage content and monitor engagement. Site users can now find what they need faster, and engage easily. In the first three months since the launch, traffic driving from Facebook to the website increased more than 100%. Before working with Oomph, UWRI used its website as the last stop for new content. Now, the team places content on the site first and then promotes it across social networks, driving traffic back to the site. Users are filling out forms and submitting them easily, which has resulted in a significant increase in the number of potential new members for the organization’s Young Leaders Circle and Women’s Leadership Council.

“We have good data now to show that our engagement is up, page views are up, and that overall we’re doing more than ever before. We feel like it’s only just beginning to do what we dreamed it would do,” Connors said. A major key to the success of this project was communication. Oomph and UWRI kept a very open line and never settled for less than UWRI’s ideal digital experience. We are honored to help position the organization for greater success in its important mission in the years to come.

Two full-page screenshots of the United Way Rhode Island website are shown. The first shows the Our Work page, while the second shows the Get Help 2-1-1 page.

“Everyone from United Way of Rhode Island who worked with Oomph was very impressed with not only their expertise and creativity, but also with how well they communicated and how well they presented ideas and strategies.”

Sandi Connors

Executive Vice President, Director of Strategic Marketing and Communications