Delivering Mobile Content Solutions for a Bilingual Audience

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A new concept in mobile health designed to meet the cross-generational needs of bilingual Hispanic community.

saludmóvil™ is a unique bilingual site dedicated to providing accurate and accessible health information, resources, and advice to Latinos. It is a brand new concept in mobile health designed specifically to meet the cross-generational needs of the community, from English-speaking youth to Spanish-speaking elders. The saludmóvil team is made up of medical experts and journalists who are driven to improve the health and wellness of America’s Hispanic communities, where access to quality, affordable health care is a challenge. saludmóvil’s goal is to empower members of the Latino community by making health care information accessible by smartphone, tablet, and desktop.


saludmóvil was envisioned as a predominantly mobile health information source by medical experts, targeted to a large, bilingual user group. The saludmóvil team wanted all the information and tools on the site to be presented in both English and Spanish so that no matter what level of fluency, every visitor could easily access important health information and resources. Content is central to the concept, so media elements such as articles and video had to be presented in an engaging, mobile-friendly manner and designed with the target audience in mind.

A tablet showing a saludmóvil post page rests on a wooden table.


Research showed that the majority of saludmóvil’s prospective users access the internet by smartphone, therefore the Oomph team took a mobile-first approach focused on readability and accessible content. A large part of the approach involved creating a group of saludmóvil apps that would provide quick access to content and tools.

“The client was very focused on mobile users first, and we all benefited by keeping that at the forefront of the process.”

J. Hogue

Director of UX and Design

A full-page screenshot of the saludmóvil homepage.

The website was built for English-speaking and Spanish-speaking users, and even allows them to toggle between the two languages at the touch of a button—a valuable feature for younger generations who might be showing information from their mobile device to a senior member of the family. Content is organized in a clean, clear, and friendly manner for readers, and, from the back-end it is simple to manage for administrators. Video, which is a significant piece of saludmóvil’s content strategy, was integrated through Limelight. The default sharing feature for Limelight videos is to share the URL of the current browser page. On saludmóvil the videos are displayed on a single page via modal overlays, resulting in the same URL for all videos. Oomph used browser history states to update the page URL without refreshing, so all videos have a distinct URL to share and load the specified video automatically with that URL. On the saludmóvil app, videos can be downloaded and saved to a library on a device to view at the user’s convenience or when the internet is not accessible.

“saludmóvil will be producing more and more content, specifically video. Often, when people are on the go with mobile phones, they don’t have great internet access. With the saludmóvil app, users can download video, save it to an easy-access tray, and then watch it later.”

Matthew O’Bryant

Director of Strategy

Along with video and “telemedicine” goals, resource tools are a significant and ongoing initiative for saludmóvil. The site launched with a bilingual search widget and app called Su Receta (Your Prescription) that allows users to find lower-cost prescription drugs in their local communities and receive instant digital coupons. Coupons can be provided at checkout and scanned directly from any mobile device.

Three identical mobile devices are shown with different portions of the saludmóvil website visible on their screens.


Both English-speaking and Spanish-speaking users can easily access saludmóvil from their smartphones or from their home computers and view the exact same content in both languages. Content is easy to locate and enjoy via a clean, simple layout designed specifically for the mobile experience. The most popular aspects of saludmóvil are also available as apps, such as the video library and Su Receta tool, both of which have laid the groundwork for future developments and functionality. Oomph is proud to be part of this important and ongoing initiative created to improve access to health information for the Hispanic community.

“The response to the site has been very favorable. Visitors emphasize that the site is simple to understand, attractive in terms of format and colors, and that the content is interesting. We’re encouraged by that.”

Joseph Mosquera

Founder & Chief Medical Officer, saludmóvil