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LexBlog is an online publishing platform for law firms that helps lawyers build a strong online identity with customized blogs, training on best practices, and enhancing their exposure. Building online visibility and engagement is imperative for business development today, and LexBlog offers a one-stop solution to get lawyers and their firms online and effectively drive new business. With over 1,000 customers, high security, top performance, and network uptime are all central to LexBlog’s success.

Originally built on WordPress, several years of poor development and maintenance practices left the LexBlog platform far behind on software updates with modified plugins and core software. Over time, technical debt had piled up causing poor performance, significant downtime, and severe security concerns on the publishing platform that some of the largest law firms in the world rely on every day.

LexBlog turned to Oomph to lead an effort to completely overhaul the platform and migrate over 1,000 customers from a legacy code base to the new platform, preparing their business for future growth.

The Oomph engineering team first performed an extensive, deep-dive technical audit of the legacy platform – a crucial first step to planning the development and migration effort for the new platform. This audit enabled the team to make smart decisions on where to clean up and optimize existing code, where to leverage new open source tools, and where it was necessary to start from scratch. Once the plan was crafted, Oomph ran an agile development process with formal sprints, weekly progress reviews, and managing a backlog that was constantly evolving and shifting based on priority. Being on different coasts – the Oomph team in Boston and the LexBlog team in Seattle – meant communication was key to a successful engagement.

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I couldn’t be more impressed with the work from the team at Oomph. It’s clear that they are true experts when it comes to WordPress engineering, but they also brought a keen business sense to the table, helping us tailor the solution to efficiently meet our objectives. Today, we are in a great spot with what they’ve delivered.

Former President, LexBlog

Technical Notes

Oomph’s engineering efforts included upgrading WordPress core and key plugins, and custom development efforts to support existing and enhanced functionality of the platform using WordPress coding best practices for optimal security and performance. To aid in the testing of over 1,000 sites on the platform, Oomph’s quality assurance team developed an automated testing framework to ensure the highest level of quality throughout the launch process and for future development efforts.

Beyond code quality and performance, Oomph and LexBlog needed an enterprise-grade hosting infrastructure for the new production environment. WP Engine was selected for their enterprise hosting capabilities, unique development workflow tool set, and their outstanding customer support.

Re-launching a network of over 1,000 sites is certainly high-risk, but the migration went off without a hitch. In the months after the relaunch, performance has been better than ever and platform uptime has been 100%. The heavy focus on scalability gives LexBlog the ability to handle 30 million page views per month in preparation for future growth and in the event that there’s a spike that pushes it well above its 3 to 6 million monthly average. LexBlog is ready for the future.

Oomph’s team was amazing. They brought true dedication to our engagement which gave me confidence every step of the way. That dedication certainly shines through in the end product. We had worked out several possible scenarios for this high-risk engagement, and what we ended up with was best-case.

CTO, LexBlog