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Achieving Brand Unity & Single-Point Data Management


This well-established nonprofit enlisted Oomph to achieve a consistent brand identity across its many digital properties and simplify communication and data collection online.

Keep America Beautiful is a national nonprofit organization committed to inspiring and educating people to take action every day to improve and beautify their local communities. The organization is driven by the work and passion of more than 620 state and community-based Keep America Beautiful affiliates, millions of volunteers, and the support of corporate partners, municipalities, elected officials, and individuals across the country.


With a network that large—and growing every day—data management and reporting capabilities are essential to Keep America Beautiful’s work. The team and its affiliates had been relying on many different tools to collect, share, and employ data, which had become cumbersome and inefficient. The Keep America Beautiful team wanted a simpler way to gather, share, and access information from one location so they could streamline communication between Keep America Beautiful and its affiliates and improve fundraising and outreach efforts. Keep America Beautiful also wanted the ability to unify its online brand across its affiliate and program sites, and refresh its digital presence to appeal to a new demographic while honoring its legacy supporters and iconic history.

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Keep America Beautiful selected Oomph to assess its existing digital presence and reporting technologies, and recommend a solution. The Oomph team proposed a robust tool designed to enhance data collection, internal communication, and community interaction; and, deliver brand consistency across all Keep America Beautiful program and affiliate websites. This convenient dashboard tool would also increase efficiency on multiple levels and add value for affiliates, corporate sponsors, donors, and volunteers working in tandem with the organization. Keep America Beautiful and Oomph dubbed the project “Digital Refresh.”

Oomph went straight to work redesigning and rebuilding the kab.org website using the Drupal CMS system as the backbone of the project. While it was important to provide a fresh, modern look to appeal to a younger generation of volunteers, it was equally important to pay homage to the rich history of Keep America Beautiful, which dates back to its founding in 1953.

The structural approach was to regroup content into areas that could be associated with action. “We wanted individuals to find how to get involved right away, hence the ‘engagement’ navigation of Donate, Volunteer, and Partner,” explains J. Hogue, Director of Design & UX at Oomph. “After that, the design used a rainbow of colors in addition to the strong red of the Keep America Beautiful logo to invoke the multi-colored natural landscape in a modern way. Simple icons showcasing key Keep America Beautiful ‘actions and impact’ helped spread the word about the incredible work they do in manageable chunks.”

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Tech Notes

Oomph also integrated the new site tightly with the Salesforce CRM, which now allows Keep America Beautiful to more effectively and efficiently track donor, affiliate, partner, and volunteer activities. Another major focus of this initiative was building a simple events management and reporting dashboard to allow affiliate and non-affiliate partner organizations to register for and report on the implementation of an array of Keep America Beautiful programs held in local communities coast-to-coast. The dashboard provides a single point of access on kab.org to tools, tips, and other helpful data for running successful local community events and allows event organizers to quickly and easily report on key metrics from each event. Keep America Beautiful affiliates and partners conduct more than 40,000 events annually.

The dashboard provides a single point of access on kab.org to tools, tips, and other helpful data for running successful local community events and allows event organizers to quickly and easily report on key metrics from each event.


Keep America Beautiful’s Digital Refresh resulted in a beautifully redesigned, responsive website that delivers brand unity along with a simple-use, single-point data management tool. Its large network of affiliates, volunteers, and partners can now communicate easily, which allows the organization to be more efficient and effective in its outreach. Oomph is pleased to have been selected to create a website that attracts new growth and positions Keep America Beautiful to manage the success that lies ahead.

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With the tools Oomph has created, the process of getting information to and from our affiliates, partner organizations, and volunteers is now extremely simple.”

Senior Vice President, Marketing & Communications