Digital Solutions for Nonprofits

Digital Solutions for Nonprofits


Digital that Dares to Change the World

We are deeply inspired by bold organizations leading change across the globe, and for 10 years we have been honored to serve the nonprofit sector—a space where creativity is as boundless as the human spirit. At Oomph, we work to align your mission with a digital strategy and solution designed to meet the specific goals of your organization.

01 Inspirational, user-centered design that incorporates clear, strategically-placed calls to action.

To attract passionate, like-minded supporters and to grow advocacy.


02 Mission-critical functionality, such as online fundraising and membership management, that is easy to find and simple to use.

So visitors can complete actions quickly with zero distractions or roadblocks.

03 Analytics and reporting.

Allowing your team to access statistics that prove impact and drive financial sustainability.


04 Open-source technology.

Community-supported content management systems like Drupal and WordPress drive innovation and allow for greater customization and flexibility.

Mission-focused strategy, design, and technology under one roof

Our team of strategists work closely with you to define targeted objectives and a plan of action based on your specific business goals. We get personal. Your mission becomes our mission. We also help you determine the right technology for the job and advise you on current trends and best practices. Oomph’s highly skilled designers and engineers then turn those objectives into digital solutions that not only look amazing, but achieve measurable impact.

Digital Strategy

Digital strategy consulting

Research and patient insights

KPI development and tracking

Roadmap planning

Web Design & UX

Visual engagement

User experience design

Digital brand standards development

Usability testing and optimization

Web Development & Technology

Website and application development

Web content management

Business intelligence tools

Security and HIPAA compliance

Watch our talk with Blue Cross Blue Shield Association from DrupalCon 2017

We were very happy to present at the premier Drupal conference in the United States, DrupalCon. J. Hogue, Oomph’s Director of Design and User Experience, and John Eckroth, the Director of Digital Communication at Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, discussed the strategies that drove key UX & Design decisions for the new website.

Nonprofit Insights

10 Principles of Digital Project Management We Live By

Every digital project is unique—goals, stakeholders, priorities and budget can vary drastically. It’s this very fluctuation that makes project management so interesting. Despite the differences, there are some basic project management truths that we follow here at Oomph. While they’re not etched in stone (who has the time or strength?), they are important tenets that we uphold with both our clients and our project teams.

How Nonprofits Can Use Digital Marketing to Get the Most Bang for Their Buck

Most nonprofit organizations share similar core goals like fundraising, engaging volunteers, and increasing cause awareness. However, these goals can be inhibited by the most difficult factor for nonprofits: a tight budget. Nonprofits are used to having to get the most bang for their buck when they hire employees and look for vendors; why not do […]

Drupal 8 Translation

Back in November, I shared some useful advice in my post 5 Tips to Multilingual Site Translation in Drupal, and now I’m back with a rundown on the cool new features you can expect in Drupal 8 translation. Before we get into the new [hotness] of Drupal 8 translation, though, I’d like to point out […]

Nonprofit Case Studies

The Glu homepage displayed on a laptop

The issue of clean water access, sanitation, and hygiene is a vital one worldwide. Through the redesign of, Oomph has elevated our ability to raise awareness about the issues and facilitate better collaboration and more strategic decision making among funders.

Renée Westmoreland

Director of Web Design & Development, Foundation Center

The WASHfunders homepage displayed on a laptop
The Glu homepage displayed on a laptop

With the tools Oomph has created, the process of getting information to and from our affiliates, partner organizations, and volunteers is now extremely simple.

Mike Rosen

Senior Vice President, Marketing & Communications

The Keep America Beautiful homepage displayed on a laptop
The Glu homepage displayed on a laptop

Everyone from United Way of Rhode Island who worked with Oomph was very impressed with not only their expertise and creativity, but also with how well they communicated and how well they presented ideas and strategies.

Sandi Connors

Executive Vice President

The United Way of Rhode Island homepage displayed on a laptop
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