Connecting a Global Community & Improving Lead Capture

Digital Strategy / Design & User Experience / Online Community / WordPress Development

Ariadne Labs develops simple, scalable ways to make healthcare safer & more effective.

Their core program, Safe Surgery, has resulted in reduced complications and deaths from surgeries in over 4,000 hospitals worldwide. The tool? A simple checklist for surgical teams. Since their success with Safe Surgery, the organization has expanded its focus to include two more critical life moments: childbirth and life-threatening illness. While their presence is felt globally, Ariadne is right in our backyard in Boston and is supported by Brigham and Women’s Hospital and the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health.


Ariadne Labs’ work is conducted in three distinct phases: Design, Testing, and Implementation. During Design, solutions are prototyped with input from a small group of collaborators; Testing requires a slightly expanded audience of select professionals for initial tests and feedback; and Implementation is focused on widespread distribution and adoption of the healthcare solution.

How to best leverage an online Ariadne Labs presence for these distinct phases, and maximize the value added for each?

Ariadne Labs selected Oomph to design a new digital platform that would support the organization’s mission. The platform would need to bring professionals together in a secureonline community to facilitate the design and testing phases, and distribute finalized tools to the masses via a public informational website. The experience would need to reflect the very human element of Ariadne Labs’ work, showcase how widely adopted its tools are, and serve as an online environment for users around the globe to share their stories, feedback and modifications to the solutions.

With a truly global reach, extending into areas of the world with extreme levels of poverty, the infrastructure and the digital experience had to be as accessible on outdated computers with slow internet connectivity as it was on the latest iPhone in the United States.

Half of the frame shows a desk scattered with website mockups on paper, a mobile phone, and a laptop. The other half of the frame shows three unseen people sitting around a desk with a laptop and papers on it. One holds a tablet and one holds a small yellow notepad and pen.


As with any multi-level engagement, Oomph kicked off the relationship with a deep-dive discovery and research process. To help define the vision, we interviewed stakeholders and ran group workshops. We constructed architecture for the solution by auditing current content and technologies, developing user personas and reviewing analytics. Information architecture and usability tests helped us validate the approach before investing too much in development.

Based on the discovery findings, the overall solution was bifurcated, split into a CMS-backed informational website and a separate portal for online community discussions and interactions. Such an approach would allow for an iterative, phased roll out—initially introducing the platform to a small group, and then expanding its reach as the overall project progressed.

The ideal digital experience was enhanced with the use of large format, engaging photography.

A full-page screenshot of the Ariadne Labs homepage.

On launch day, the community platform saw over 100 member registrations. Active discussions began almost immediately. Sessions on the new site are up 30% in the six months since launch. And, user registration and lead capture forms are allowing Ariadne to better understand where their tools are being used around the globe.

At Oomph, we are incredibly proud to partner with an organization that has such a profound impact on people’s lives.

The Ariadne Labs website is displayed on a tablet.

Tech Notes

Under the hood, WordPress and BuddyPress were paired to serve the CMS needs of both the informational website and the online community platform. The front end is powered by our Braces starter theme and Bourbon and Neat frameworks. While the WordPress and BuddyPress sites run on two separate themes, a custom Gulp task manages the duplicate files for ease of maintenance. The beautiful interactive map on the home page leverages the Leaflet library.

Three identical mobile devices are shown with different portions of the Ariadne Labs website visible on their screens.

“When we first came to Oomph, we wanted our website to portray an emotional presence to our audience. The team at Oomph was able to understand, design and execute a digital platform that depicts the importance and value of Ariadne Labs’ mission.”

Caroline Grogan

Senior Program Manager