Logo Design & Brand Enhancement

Logo Design & Brand Enhancement

Unique logomarks for unique clients — a full suite of deliverables to support small design refreshes or complete brand creation.

It means that we make smart, calculated recommendations based on all available data to help our clients set and achieve their business objectives. Whether you’re trying to increase leads, revenue, engagement or brand awareness, we’ll measure your analytics data, conduct customer research, collect 3rd party information, and apply industry best practices to craft a long term strategy that will help you meet or exceed your goals. At Oomph, being strategic is at the heart of everything we do. Start a relationship with Oomph, and together, we can help grow your business.


Global Performance Group Brand Redesign

In early 2017, Oomph helped the Global Performance Group (GPG) create a new brand. A previous brand mark and typeface were evaluated and discussed as we learned about the limitations they placed on the company’s growth. Updated business goals and a new long-range plan informed a new way to view the brand.

From this process, GPG received:

  • A new brandmark, wordmark, and tagline
  • A new, more vibrant color palette
  • A new type family for all communication material
  • A Visual Brand Guide document to standardize the application of brand assets
  • A Voice and Tone guide to consistently speak with the same voice in all marketing material and informal communication
  • A new slide deck template with preset slide assets for presentations.

MyFund New Brand Launch

MyFund is an online philanthropy platform created and maintained by United Way of Rhode Island. Oomph was very familiar with the UWRI brand, having just completed the redesign for UWRI.org. With some new components that Oomph created to give this site some local flavor, we extended their local brand and designed a new brand for this new product.

United Way of Rhode Island received:

  • A new name for the platform — both Oomph and UWRI brainstormed names
  • A new set of URLs for main site and versions by state abbreviation
  • A new brandmark, wordmark, and tagline
  • A new, more vibrant color palette
  • A Visual Brand Guide document to standardize the application of brand assets

Gitpup Brand Creation

Gitpup is an internal project at Oomph. He is the avatar for a Slackbot that integrates Github pull requests into our peer code review process. As such, we gave him personality along with a visual. His avatar sits in our #code-review Slack channel, and he is also the poster-dog for the publicly-available service that we call Gitpup!

For an internal product launch, with an aim to go public, Oomph got:

  • A new logomark and wordmark
  • A set of avatars
  • A color scheme to be applied to a new product website
  • A voice and tone guide for giving the bot a consistent voice

Glu Brand Refresh

As part of our engagement with a redesign of MyGlu.org, the Oomph team refreshed the existing logo for the site. It was our goal to make the brand mark feel more human, more open, and have a visual tie to the parent organization, the T1D Exchange.

Along with a redesign of the main website, Glu received:

  • An updated brandmark and wordmark
  • An updated color scheme

Old site and logo
T1D Exchange

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