Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy

To us, strategy is more than just charting a course with a specific destination in mind.

It means that we make smart, calculated recommendations based on all available data to help our clients set and achieve their business objectives. Whether you’re trying to increase leads, revenue, engagement or brand awareness, we’ll measure your analytics data, conduct customer research, collect 3rd party information, and apply industry best practices to craft a long term strategy that will help you meet or exceed your goals. At Oomph, being strategic is at the heart of everything we do. Start a relationship with Oomph, and together, we can help grow your business.

Research and Analysis

Whenever we begin a new engagement with our clients, whether we are redesigning your website or looking to make gradual improvements, we begin with an in-depth research and learning process. This involves data collection and analysis that is disseminated into actionable improvements, goals, and feature enhancements. During this phase, we typically:

  • Audit the current property—if applicable—for content, SEO, usability & accessibility, and traffic patterns
  • Conduct a long-form in-person session with our clients to review goals, pain points, and any other insights or wishes the team has for the new project
  • Interview users and stakeholders to collect as much data as possible with surveys, heat maps, and other analytics
  • Perform a competitor analysis, review user journeys, and examine the existing mobile landscape with an eye towards how these trends might change
  • Create a final “Roadmap” document that lays the foundation for a successful project—the research, the analysis, the goals, and our recommendations

Content Strategy

No matter how good you are at attracting visitors to your site, if your content is not engaging or serving your customers needs, they will leave. Is your brand’s voice strong enough? Is it distinct enough? Does it appeal to your target audience? At Oomph, we can help you take your content to the next level if we:

  • Create a Voice & Tone guide that defines how your brand speaks to its customers and will assist content creators in producing new materials  
  • Implement solutions such as content calendars and editorial workflow tools to help streamline the content creation process
  • Perform an audit of existing content and offer suggestions to improve important pieces of content on your site and identify opportunities to leverage high value, evergreen content
  • Create A/B tests to measure the effectiveness of incremental changes, like sign-up form language, “Join” language, “Buy” language and the like

Website Optimization

The web is an ever evolving landscape of changing technologies and new tools. How can you ensure that your website is able to keep up with the pace of change and continue to provide visitors with the optimal user experience? Through an ongoing maintenance partnership, we can:

  • Ensure that your web property uses compliant HTML, CSS and JS and follows mobile standards to avoid negative search engine rankings
  • Track and monitor website lead forms and ecommerce checkout funnels to identify opportunities to improve conversion rates
  • Add new site features that provide high value to your visitors and your organization such as CRM integrations, Automated Email Marketing, Website Content Personalization, and more
  • Optimize server infrastructure and website code to ensure a fast load time on desktop and mobile devices
  • Review your website’s markup to ensure that is accessible and easy to use for customers who may be impaired

How We Use Strategy

Strategy often goes hand-in-hand with Design and Development. Sometimes it is the first phase of a large redesign project, while other times it is an ongoing relationship that adds new features over time. Here are the types of projects that our Strategy skills are typically involved in:

Accessibility, and/or 508 compliance audits

Conversion rate optimization and improvements

Goals and Analytics configuration recommendations

Website redesigns with a content management system

New site designs, including CMS and non-CMS-driven sites

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