Kathy Beck

Hi, I’m Kathy, and I’ve been working with Drupal for over 10 years. As a UX Engineer here at Oomph, I am focused on front-end development and site building and I collaborate with the back-end engineering team and the design team. I am constantly thinking about accessibility and test solutions in multiple browsers as well as screen readers and automated tools. Prior to working at Oomph, I worked for a small Drupal shop in Rhode Island where I was the lead Drupal Developer on projects for companies such as Nantucket Wine Festival, Newport Film, Lifespan Hospital Group, Malcom Technologies, and The Jane Pickens Theater & Event Center. When I’m not at work, I like to spend time with my family and my two cross-eyed cats. I also enjoy reading, traveling, and spending as much time at the beach as I can.
The first ‘person’ I hope to interact with at Oomph every morning is Hurley.
I learned to shoot an air rifle in high-school because I was in ROTC.
Ice cream always makes me feel better.
Guilty! I love playing with Legos.