Julie Elman

As a Digital Project Manager at Oomph, my main responsibilities include building and maintaining client relationships, managing projects, and collaborating with our talented development and creative teams to execute and deliver top-quality projects.

My professional background includes experience as a project manager, department lead, web and graphic designer, and even a trained chef. While leading projects, I strive to develop strong client relationships by encouraging communication and collaboration from discovery all the way to launch.

In my previous position, I served as the project lead for partnerships with the NFL and NBA, where I managed all graphic design contributions from brainstorming through the completion of final deliverables. Having a background in HTML, CSS, and WordPress, I have an immense appreciation for the products the Oomph dev team creates using WordPress and Drupal each day.

Outside of the office, I can often be found walking, hiking, snuggling with my cat, listening to music and audiobooks, or enjoying a cocktail with friends.

My favorite board game is Settlers of Catan.
Sriracha rocks my world.
The first thing I do when I get to work is pour myself a cup of coffee.