John Cionci

I’m a UX Engineer at Oomph. My primary focus is front-end but I try to dabble in the back-end theming of Drupal and WordPress when the opportunity knocks. As a front-end dev I’m pretty fanatical when it comes to processes and theme architecture. I will typically work with the designs given by the creative team and turn those into Drupal or WordPress themes.

Before Oomph I worked at a variety of jobs that I never cared for and was fortunate to turn a hobby and passion into a career. I interned at Oomph, and never left… It’s a chaotic, fun, loose, ever-changing environment and a great place to be a part of.

The only thing that may be more chaotic than my work is my family. It’s pretty large which makes for a lot of opinions (whether you want them or not). I have a young daughter, Lainee, and she is a total wacko. I like to say that she’s cute like me but crazy like my wife, Leann. We added a son, Roman, to our family this year to keep things extra lively.

I love it when Picozzi doesn’t stop talking at the office.
The place I most want to visit someday is the San Diego Zoo.
Guilty! I love sports.
My favorite board game is monopoly.