Hanna Furey

As a Digital Project Manager at Oomph my job is all about using process to make things happen. Most importantly, I establish and maintain strong professional relationships with our clients and work closely with our creative and development teams to deliver successful, high-quality projects.

I have had a diverse career and have worked in web development, workflow management, production management in video/film/television, event production, and even celebrity talent management. No matter the position my goals are the same: leading and empowering my team, facilitating progress, solving problems, communicating efficiently, and growing client relationships.

When not at Oomph you can find me baking (current obsession is making doughnuts!), embroidering, hiking, striking a yoga pose, working on my photography skills, watching (a lot) of Star Trek, and napping with my cat, Pony.

Star Trek rocks my world.
I am a craft nerd and I embroider frequently.
Cantankerous is my favorite word.
I love sketch comedy, baking, and photography.