Josh Stewart

A React wizard, a coach, and a family man - when it comes to Josh, it’s clear eyes, full heart, can’t lose.

I’m a UX Engineer at Oomph. Simply put, I have a strong command of frontend tools to develop Drupal sites – working with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to implement designs and solve user problems with the greater team. I hang my hat on being a React developer that dabbles in Drupal.

I started coding after going through a Web Developer bootcamp. Before that I had dabbled in coding and thought I’d thoroughly enjoy it but it was just a hobby. During the bootcamp and prior, I worked in collegiate athletics as both an administrator and lacrosse coach.

My first Drupal job was at an agency in Lexington, KY where I created and maintained sites for various government, horse, and healthcare companies. I'm incredibly grateful for them taking a chance on me when I was just breaking into the development world and cannot thank them enough for helping me get to where I am today.

When I’m not working, I’m hanging out with my wonderful wife and daughters, coaching lacrosse or playing disc golf in Lexington where I live. I love getting to enjoy the beautiful Kentucky scenery with a round or two (or three!) of disc golf. I’m also a HUGE Washington DC sports fan as I grew up not too far from DC but Lexington has converted me to a Kentucky sports fan as well. Go Cats!

Recently Worked on

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