Jared Aiden Wolf

Jared's an excellent listener and is quick to learn complex concepts. He's constantly kept to high standards by his feline assistants who make regular appearances to ensure we're all on track.

As a Digital Project Manager at Oomph, I facilitate making things happen by overseeing the planning, tracking, and delivery of new web projects. In collaborating with clients and our internal teams, my goal is to complete projects on time and within budget, reducing the stress as much as possible.

Before Oomph, the majority of my experience was as a litigation support consultant helping to manage e-discovery for the 9/11 WTC first-responder class-action suit.

After deciding that it was time for a change of pace and scenery, I moved from NYC to Western MA and transitioned from the legal space to the virtual one, working with independent schools to create compelling web experiences.

Outside of work I can usually be found hanging out with my wife, working in my garden, playing with Lego, or reading. Regardless of what I'm doing, at least one of my 4 cats is probably "helping".

Recently Worked on

  • Car Gurus
  • Fidelity
  • Jewelers Board of Trade
  • CRE
  • BioCharger
  • Hope Health