Ben Holt

Ben is a problem solver at heart and is always willing to dive in to new challenges.

Hello, I’m Ben, and I work as a Web Engineer at Oomph. I mainly work with Drupal and help the team build, deploy, and maintain delightful web experiences.

Before joining the Oomph team, I lived in the District of Columbia, San Francisco, and most recently Boston. I spent time in DC working for a small IT and Web firm where I provided hands on support to Congressional members and nonprofits. The next stop on life’s journey was San Francisco where I owned and operated a small web company delivering business websites.

I moved to Boston shortly after my time in San Francisco to start a convenience delivery company that serviced thousands of customers. I learned a great deal about business, the grocery industry, and developing novel engineering solutions to complex issues.

When I’m not coding and bug squashing you can find me hiking, running or in the gym. I am a lifelong learner with a strong interest in science and technology.

Recently Worked on

  • RISD Museum
  • RISD Publications
  • Lifespan
  • Coolidge Corner Theatre