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Brunch vs. Gulp: Build tool face off

Brunch vs. Gulp: Another build tool showdown

Build tools and task runners were invented to prevent human error and make your life easier. They can bring you workflow nirvana, or cost you countless hours of aggravation and misery. Which tool is the best fit for you and your project? The current climate mostly talks about two build tools, Brunch and Gulp. Both of these tools are great, but there’s definitely pros and cons for each.

UX Kits Website Deck

4 Holiday Gifts to Delight Developers & Designers

Dashing out to find the perfect gifts for the designer or developer in your life? Our engineering team reveals some of the products they are loving right now. Snapnator The magnetic power connector is back, and it’s a snap. Meet Snapnator, the MagSafe-style adapter designed to attach to any laptop or device that has a […]

It is time to AMP your site

The Fast & Furious Rise of AMP and its Implications for Every Site

In less than six months, the Accelerated Mobile Page Project (AMP) has reached unimaginable heights. The powerful new open-source initiative announced by Google in February was launched to speed up the mobile browsing experience, but with each day, AMP is adding more value for those who adopt it, whether they are embracing the web for […]

John Picozzi Shares His DrupalCon Takeaways

As one of Oomph’s resident Drupal enthusiasts, I’ve (not surprisingly) been talking about DrupalCon New Orleans ad nauseum since my return. So, it’s great to have this forum to share my personal takeaways along with a couple of other recap resources where you can feel free to dive deeper. Widespread Adoption of Drupal 8 I’ll […]

DrupalCon: Looking Forward, Looking Back

By this time next week, Oomph’s Rob Aubin and John Picozzi will be in New Orleans at DrupalCon North America, where thousands of Drupal developers, system engineers, designers, and project managers (to name a few) will participate in learning sessions, talks, code sprints, and social events. In the spirit of DrupalCon NOLA, Rob and John […]

Content Mixing in WordPress

Stir it Up! Cache-Friendly Content Mixing

A good mix of content keeps visitors engaged on your site, particularly if your site is content heavy. But, keeping things fresh requires a good mixture of internal content links, some of which are going to work better than others. Many sites expose these links through “related” or “most popular” lists in sidebars or after […]

Simplify the Way You Work with DoubleClick

Simplify the Way You Work with DoubleClick

Introducing Our New WordPress DFP Plugin Simple is good. Simple saves you time and lets you get back to the really complex stuff—but only when simple is also reliable. When we created our WP DoubleClick for Publishers plugin, we wanted to address the frustration that sometimes comes with ad placement, and remove the unpredictable and […]