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Multiple screenshots of the admin view of a Drupal website illustrating an example of modular page building

BCBS.com: Modular Page Building with Drupal Paragraphs

BCBS needs its current and potential members to engage and comprehend their content effortlessly. Long-form, modular storytelling help visitors decode text and understand information and increases the likelihood that the audience will remember. With Drupal and the Paragraphs module, we were able to build the right tools for their team of authors to tackle modular content and visual storytelling.

Illustration of a robot, some speech baloons, and the window of a chat app

Conversational UI: Should a Chatbot be on your business roadmap?

We’ve dreamed about having conversations with our computers for a long time. Stanley Kubrick’s 1968 film “2001: A Space Odyssey” imagined a sentient computer named Hal. In the past few years, with the rise of Siri, Alexa and more, we live in that reality. A simpler version of the natural language processing apps like Siri are chatbots. 2016 was the rise of the chatbot, and 2017 will continue that trend, with more and more users having “conversations” via the keyboard to find information and complete tasks instead of clicking around in search engines and on websites. Some of us have not yet interacted with a chatbot before, so, what is it like? And what is it like to design one?

Brunch vs. Gulp: Build tool face off

Brunch vs. Gulp: Another build tool showdown

Build tools and task runners were invented to prevent human error and make your life easier. They can bring you workflow nirvana, or cost you countless hours of aggravation and misery. Which tool is the best fit for you and your project? The current climate mostly talks about two build tools, Brunch and Gulp. Both of these tools are great, but there’s definitely pros and cons for each.

UX Kits Website Deck

4 Holiday Gifts to Delight Developers & Designers

Dashing out to find the perfect gifts for the designer or developer in your life? Our engineering team reveals some of the products they are loving right now. Snapnator The magnetic power connector is back, and it’s a snap. Meet Snapnator, the MagSafe-style adapter designed to attach to any laptop or device that has a […]

It is time to AMP your site

The Fast & Furious Rise of AMP and its Implications for Every Site

In less than six months, the Accelerated Mobile Page Project (AMP) has reached unimaginable heights. The powerful new open-source initiative announced by Google in February was launched to speed up the mobile browsing experience, but with each day, AMP is adding more value for those who adopt it, whether they are embracing the web for […]

John Picozzi Shares His DrupalCon Takeaways

As one of Oomph’s resident Drupal enthusiasts, I’ve (not surprisingly) been talking about DrupalCon New Orleans ad nauseum since my return. So, it’s great to have this forum to share my personal takeaways along with a couple of other recap resources where you can feel free to dive deeper. Widespread Adoption of Drupal 8 I’ll […]