Beyond Mobile UX: User-Centered Design Trends for 2017

UX will continue to advance rapidly in 2017. The question is, in what ways? I’ve spent some time thinking about the UX trends I noticed happening with our client work over the past year, and I began to draw some conclusions about how those trends will evolve (or not) in 2017. From moving beyond mobile […]

Prototyping Design to Jumpstart Development

A modern design-to-development workflow for the web involves multiple tools for site maps, wireframing, testing, and design before we even start to touch HTML and CSS in a browser. Is there a way to move from low-fidelity responsive wireframes to high-fidelity design in the browser with an HTML prototype? Whether or not you use a […]

Keep America Beautiful Before and After Redesign

4 Signs It’s Time to Redesign

Over the past five years a swarm of tools have been developed that allow site owners to efficiently make and measure incremental changes on a website. On the surface, these tools allow for constant optimization over time, and it’s true that a rigorous optimization program has the potential to eliminate the need for a complete […]

Redefine the term “The Fold” to be something meaningful again

Responsive website design addresses many different viewports, from phones to tablets to large-screen televisions. The old notion of “The Fold”, is therefore meaningless. “The Fold” is dead, or at least, it should be. And yet, “The Fold” as a measurement might still be useful. There is still a fold, but there is not one fold. […]

Design from the Inside Out

The digital design process needs constant refinement. One of the most impactful refinements we have made to our design process has been to wireframe and design the homepage last. After many years of thinking about the homepage as the hub of our design process, this change has streamlined our work, increased code reuse, produced a […]

Easy Color Organization with Sass

Organizing your colors in any web project certainly has its struggles: making color names (that you actually remember!), naming color variables when you have multiple shades (darker-darker-gray, anyone?), and safeguarding your code for possible color changes in the future (“did we say pink?! we meant orange!”). These problems aren’t new, but there are many ‘solutions’ […]

Getting Sassy with BEM

Working on code as a team can sometimes get messy. Everyone has their own style, their own naming conventions, and their own way of organizing code. It’s difficult to have an efficient team when its members are all on different pages, and the smorgasbord of code stylings becomes especially problematic when, inevitably, a project changes […]