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Prune Your Site Map Between Major Redesigns

Just like trees, site maps need pruning. A page here, a few pages there, & pretty soon the site map is overgrown. Like a gardener, delicate pruning can ensure that a site map flourishes between redesigns.

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A11y, Chatbots, and AI, Oh My! User-Centered Design Trends for 2018

The world of UX and UI has been rapidly expanding in 2017 and is ready to continue to grow beyond our expectations. These yearly look-backs peppered with predictions for the future are getting harder and harder to write because of the sheer pace of change in the industry. The products that help designers design and […]

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Accessibility by the Numbers: How it Helps your Business

The benefits of accessibility directly impact a website’s profitability. It’s simple, really. More visitors who have more complete access means more qualified traffic that can consume your content, use your service, or purchase your products.

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The ADA Applies Accessibility Rules to Websites

The world of web accessibility is quickly changing, and recent legal events have made it clear that accommodations under the ADA will be applied to online entities in some cases. It’s time to take it all very seriously and learn more about the risks and consequences in order to plan for a more accessible future.