Prototyping Design to Jumpstart Development

A modern design-to-development workflow for the web involves multiple tools for site maps, wireframing, testing, and design before we even start to touch HTML and CSS in a browser. Is there a way to move from low-fidelity responsive wireframes to high-fidelity design in the browser with an HTML prototype? Whether or not you use a […]

Google Analytics vs. Everyone Else

Google Analytics vs. Everyone Else

Google Analytics is not your only option when it comes to measuring site performance. It’s true. There are actually a healthy number of reporting analytics platforms available. Of course, there are obvious advantages to siding with the world-dominating, Globo Gym overlords of Google for your reporting analytics: you receive top-of-the-line reporting tools, an active community […]

Project Health Assessments

Conducting Proactive Project Health Assessments to Prevent Roadblocks

The first in a two-part series about our approach to mid-project health checks There may be various ways in which a project can go awry, but there are also effective ways to avoid costly detours. At D4D Boston, Christina Inge of Sleek Management University gave an insightful Project Management session. In her talk, she offered […]

Why We Use Drupal 8 for All New Drupal Projects

Here we are more than nine months past the official release of Drupal 8 and we’re still hearing about companies choosing to do new projects on Drupal 7. At Oomph, we made the business decision to start all new Drupal projects on Drupal 8 as of April 1, 2016. Here’s why: Learning Curve This is […]

Meet Brian

Meet Brian

Providence native Brian Hogue joins Oomph as a web developer dedicated to the continuous evolution of our own website, and to assisting our engineering team on client projects. Brian studied web development at Boston’s Launch Academy after leaving a career in copy editing and layout at The Lowell Sun in Lowell, MA. The intensive program […]

It is time to AMP your site

The Fast & Furious Rise of AMP and its Implications for Every Site

In less than six months, the Accelerated Mobile Page Project (AMP) has reached unimaginable heights. The powerful new open-source initiative announced by Google in February was launched to speed up the mobile browsing experience, but with each day, AMP is adding more value for those who adopt it, whether they are embracing the web for […]

Marketing to new Volunteers can be assisted by social media efforts

How Nonprofits Can Use Digital Marketing to Get the Most Bang for Their Buck

Most nonprofit organizations share similar core goals like fundraising, engaging volunteers, and increasing cause awareness. However, these goals can be inhibited by the most difficult factor for nonprofits: a tight budget. Nonprofits are used to having to get the most bang for their buck when they hire employees and look for vendors; why not do […]