Experience the Culture of Oomph through our eyes

There’s a whole lotta Oomph around here…

Signs. They’re everywhere. Some are obvious while others are more subtle, but they appear in our everyday lives as if to give us some sense of familiarity, comfort or affirmation. On my first day at Oomph, there were three distinct signs that confirmed I was in the right place.

Having very strong ties to my Greek heritage, I feel a deep-rooted connection to my culture and find joy in all things Greek. My dad, with his thick accent, would always say “every word comes from a Greek word!”— yes, my life really is like My Big Fat Greek Wedding! As I was getting myself acclimated to my new surroundings, the first sign occurred when I turned on my laptop. The very first words that greeted me were “kalos orisate” — the Greek words for “welcome.” Later in the day, while heading to lunch, I passed by a new Greek restaurant that was under construction. There was a big sign on the front window that said “kali orexi.” This translates to “good appetite” and is what we Greeks say to each other when sitting down to enjoy a meal. Finally, later that afternoon, I was chatting with one of my new coworkers and noticed her T-shirt said “Ellas” — the Greek word for “Greece.” I knew, at that moment, that I was in the right place and my experience would be like no other in my career.

By definition, “oomph” means a variety of things: an extra push, power, strength, charisma, magnetism, the quality of being exciting and energetic. Well, Oomph is all of those things and more. Our core values of being driven, smart and personal resonate the moment you walk through the door. Having worked in agencies for the better part of the past two decades, I wanted to share my thoughts on what makes Oomph’s culture so unique.

Work/Life Balance

This has always been an elusive notion that I’ve never quite been able to embrace until I came to Oomph. We work hard, but also appreciate the importance of living our lives outside of work. At Oomph, a healthy work/life balance is not only encouraged, it’s mandatory! The flexibility to telecommute, Family Fun Days, and 4 o’clock Fridays throughout the summer months are some of the great perks we enjoy that help us manage our daily work/stress so much more effectively.

Our core values of being driven, smart and personal resonate the moment you walk through the door.

We are all dedicated to our craft, but at the end of the day, it’s wonderful to be able to go home and enjoy time with our loved ones, partaking in our favorite hobbies, and really taking care of ourselves. Life happens and Oomph understands that in order to be at your best, you need to have a healthy work/life balance. This is a rare philosophy in the workplace, but one that has a whole lotta merit!

Our Amazing Team

What can I say? We have a pretty amazing team of talented folks who manage, design and develop some of the most spectacular websites. It’s inspiring to be surrounded by such smart and creative people who strive to be the very best in their field, and who also value teamwork and camaraderie above all.

I’ve worked with great teams in the past, but there’s something quite special about the people here. The friendliness, positive attitude and energy are unmatched. Everyone is genuinely thoughtful, caring and interested in each other’s lives, which helps the working relationships blossom.

The end result? We are a truly skilled team of professionals who respect and trust each other, know how to get the job done well for our clients, and we do it with a smile and a whole lotta laughter!

The Cool Vibe

Sure, the ping pong table and dartboard in the Lounge are cool, but the overall vibe of the Oomph office supports a lively, creative and collaborative atmosphere. Oomph has a way of encouraging creative effort and, being in the digital realm, I feel that is critical to our success (both personally and professionally). Creativity is for everyone and that carries over into the office décor, the work style, and our eclectic team.

A man is playing ping pong in an office during the day
Brett Saguid, one of our site builders, adding some Oomph to that ping pong ball!

The open office layout lends itself for good conversations and collaborative work sessions. The funky kitchen area where we scurry for our morning coffee is the hub for catching up. It feels more like a place where friends come to work together. Of course, I can’t forget about the cool office dogs. Coffee, canines and creativity? That’s a whole lotta cool going on!


Technology is ever changing and trying to keep up with all the advancements can make your head spin. At Oomph, we LOVE that about our industry. We are readied with the right tools for the job, the coolest gadgets and we have a strong commitment to professional development that is unparalleled.

Here, we are all encouraged to grow professionally, become masters of our trade, and excel in our careers. By attending conferences and seminars, after-work networking events, and constantly educating ourselves, we help the company stay on top of all the latest trends. Oomph caters to my thirst for knowledge, and although technology will continue to change, I’m happy to say that we will change and grow with it.

Management Style

Good leadership is imperative for the success of any organization. Exceptional leadership is what I’ve found at Oomph. The leaders who drive this fearless team truly embrace open communication, are responsive to our needs, know and understand their company, and have a clear vision for future growth. They understand the value of team building, and keeping their employees happy and engaged.

Even only after a few weeks into my role, I was amazed to see how much team building happens here on a regular basis. Through “Team Time” (all-hands meetings), team lunches, ping pong tournaments, book club meetings, after-hour gatherings, and work/family get-togethers—just to name a few—Oomph understands the importance of bonding. Ultimately, when management puts in a little extra effort and a whole lotta oomph, they create something special.

In closing…

There’s so much more that I could share about how fantastic Oomph is. Simply put, it gets better everyday. I look forward to more great adventures ahead and am excited to be part of such an extraordinary agency!