Meet Brandon


At Oomph, one of our core values is personal. It’s a value that defines not only how we work with our clients, but also how we approach design and development. Brandon Herford, our new UX Engineer, comes from both an engineering and a fine arts education where, among other things, he studied how to make everyday objects more—you guessed it—personal. It’s a perfect fit. Here’s the story of how Brandon went from product designer to code artist.

When Brandon graduated The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, his perspective on “user-friendly” design widened. He recognized that opportunities to improve the user experience were everywhere, but he was particularly captivated by the user experience online where advances were happening rapidly and the possibilities seemed endless.

Brandon studied to become a developer, applying theories he’d learned in design school to UX. He has since worked at the agency level on large websites, and he has also provided digital leadership for a public library, where he helped create specialized pages designed to be more accessible for users with unique needs, such as those with English as a second language.

In his new role at Oomph, Brandon brings beautiful design concepts to life on every device using modern front-end technologies and techniques.

“I ensure that our visual designs create usable and satisfying digital experiences for our clients and their users,” he says.

In his free time, Brandon has taken up cycling. He lives close enough to our Providence office to bike to work whenever the weather allows. He and his wife enjoy getting out in the city together by foot, as well. Their favorite restaurant of the moment is Rasoi, an Indian restaurant in Pawtucket, RI.

Please join us in welcoming Brandon to the team! Get more personal with him on our Team page.