4 Holiday Gifts to Delight Developers & Designers

Dashing out to find the perfect gifts for the designer or developer in your life? Our engineering team reveals some of the products they are loving right now.

Tech savvy gift ideas: Snapnator


The magnetic power connector is back, and it’s a snap. Meet Snapnator, the MagSafe-style adapter designed to attach to any laptop or device that has a USB-C port. Like its beloved predecessor MagSafe for the Mac, Snapnator makes it easy to attach a power cord to the device of your choice, and detach for safety. It’s reliable, simple, and hassle-free, and comes highly recommended by our Drupal pro John Picozzi.

Tech savvy gift ideas: Quiet Pro Keyboard

Matias Quiet Pro

Designer J. Hogue loves the Quiet Pro™ keyboard, and so does anyone working nearby—because it’s one of the quietest keyboards available. Using Quiet Click technology by Matias, the keyboard gives the right level of tactile feedback to the user without the disruptive clickety-clack. If your digital dynamo works from home, this could easily be as much a gift for you as it is for him or her. Win-win.

Tech savvy gift ideas: Fidget Cube

Fidget Cube

More than 150,000 backers on Kickstarter have contributed to the launch of the Fidget Cube by Antsy Labs. It’s a vinyl “desk toy” that fits in the palm of your hand and features six sides, each with different fidget-busting tools. Demand was high for Fidget Cube from the start, so when you pre-order today,  you can expect to receive the Fidget Cube in February 2017. Our engineering team gives it two thumbs up.

Tech savvy gift ideas: UX Kits' Website Deck

Website Deck

Last but not least, the Website Deck from UX Kits is the ideal gift for designers and strategists who want a tangible way to plan their next digital project. It’s a deck of 53 miniature wireframe cards each with a site element for easy visualization and organization. The Website Deck fits neatly in a laptop bag or pocket—even a stocking—and it’s great for those who want to jumpstart creativity off the screen.

Check out these four surefire ways to win favor with the designer or developer on your list this season, and report back to us with the results. In the meantime, we wish you happy shopping and a joyful holiday.