Scaling the Oomph Site

Jira Screenshot
A glimpse from JIRA; Lots to do!

As any project manager is acutely aware, once you inch closer to the looming launch date, the list of remaining items becomes inversely proportional to those that already been checked off. No matter how many meetings, calls, wireframes, mockups, feature build-outs and bug fixes have come before, we still meet at an ever-increasing wall of ‘to-do’s’ that needs incremental scaling by developers and designers alike in order to reach our summit….er, launch.

So exactly where have we tread on this collective climb to the top? Let’s recap our journey — if merely to provide a brief distraction from the road ahead.

  • 1 Discovery session
  • 4 Oomph user personas
  • 2 Post-it note exercises addressing website priorities and team values
  • 25 in-person weekly team meetings addressing Information architecture, content creation, design, core features, animations and transitions, timeline,
  • 98 Basecamp discussions
  • 1 Hipchat room (can’t count ALL the comments)
  • 1 new information architecture with Treejack testing to confirm our proposed navigation
  • Innumerable whiteboard explorations
  • 1 interim website
  • 2 rounds of style tiles
  • 2 CMS platform explorations
  • After endless wordsmithing,1 new mission statement we love
  • 5 lead-in statements
  • 24 completed Basecamp to-do’s
  • 70+ JIRA tickets (and growing)
  • 8 wireframes
  • 11 mockups
  • 27 mad-lib questions answered
  • 8 blog posts written (not including this one)
  • 1 blog post scrapped
  • 24 team photos shot and cropped (with 1 Oomph team photographer-thanks Rob!)
  • 5 new Project Descriptions written
  • 78 personal team member photos collected
  • 1 dev. environment/code repo set-up
  • Implementation and taming of 2 infinite scrolls
  • 23 team bios written and reviewed (1 remains but she’s on her honeymoon)
  • Build-out of 1 Contact form overlay
  • Javascript, javascript and more javascript
  • 338 commits on GitHub
  • Collection of client site screenshots
  • 7 days of twice-daily stand-ups (+7 more till launch)


And now we turn our attention back to our current list of to-do’s. Following the day’s end, and with our many Oomph hands on deck, we expect to see the wall beginning to plateau. We won’t go into all the details here, but suffice it to say, the aggregate of crossed-off ‘to-do’s” (along with a little elbow grease and magic)  is our yellow brick road to the top…and we can’t wait to share our sights from the peak on July 4th.

Talk about fireworks!

– Ellen