WordCamp Boston 2014 Slides

What a great year for WordCamp Boston!

There were all kinds of exciting tidbits from WordCamp this weekend, ending in a fun-filled after party. The conference included a wide variety of presentations and panels from WordPress experts and enthusiasts. Each presenter had their own spin on how to utilize the platform for the best business, blog, and brand builder. Our own Anna Remus brilliantly presented on “5 Secrets of Tech Marketing” and proposed that the best way to market is to “be a people,” or be an authentic, helpful human being. Great job, Anna!

We have to give a virtual round of applause to Sam Hotchkiss for saving the day and stepping up for a sick presenter. He’s like a WordCamp superhero, always swooping in to save the day! He gave a great talk on API and what could be done if all WordPress sites have their data available through a JSON API.

Everyone brought their A-game during the presentations, and even if you weren’t able to attend, you can gain some WordPress knowledge, below.

If you are a featured speaker and would like to make edits, or contribute slides/Twitter handles, please get in touch with Anna at aremus@oomphinc.com

Thank you to the attendees, organizers, speakers, and our fellow sponsors!


Speaker Title Slides URL Twitter Handle
Reiko Beach So Many Plugins, Not Enough Time http://trbdesigns.com/wordcamp-boston-2014/ @reikob
Jared Novack Essential Tools For Building a WordPress Publication http://upstatement.github.io/presentations/2014/wordcamp-boston/#/ @JaredNova
Jon Heller Grunting Your Way To Success http://jonheller.com/files/WordCamp-Boston-2014-Grunting.pdf @JonHeller
Mario Peshev WordPress Setup for Large Projects http://talks.devwp.eu/large-wordpress-setup/#1 @no_fear_inc
Taylor Lovett JSON REST API for WordPress http://www.slideshare.net/tlovett1/the-json-rest-api-for-wordpress @tlovett12
Christina Inge Project Management For People Who Dread Projects @christinainge
Amanda Giles Creating Your First Widget (It’s not As Hard As You Think) http://www.amandagiles.com/blog/shortcodes-vs-widgets/ @AmandaGilesNH
Andrew Nacin Advanced Topics in WordPress Development @nacin
Anna Remus 5 Secrets of Tech Marketing http://www.slideshare.net/Oomphinc/5-secrets-of-tech-marketing-38283764 @aremus
Daniel Kanchev WordPress Migrations? Challenge Accepted! http://www.slideshare.net/DanielKanchev/wordpress-migrations-38289943 @dvkanchev
Denise VanDeCruze Going Global-Building WordPress Multilingual Sites http://www.slideshare.net/injira/going-global-how-to-make-your-wordpress-site-multilingual-38624081
Jordan Quintal WordPress Theme Accessibility- Building Websites That Everyone Can Use https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/19eXoUtFzgTwEgFbKnZaG__uQhD79-MymuO_asr757iM
Matthew Boynes Finding the Speed Bumps in Your Code @senyob
Aaron D. Campbell Integrating WordPress with External APIs http://aarondcampbell.com/slideshow/wordcamp-boston-2014-integrating-with-external-apis/#/integrating-with-apis @aaroncampbell
David Hickox Designing for Content http://hickox.org/designing-for-content/ @roboticarm
Julie McCay Turner Local News- Building Community Through WordPress
Joseph Herbrandson The 7 Deadly Sins of WordPress Security  http://www.slideshare.net/jherbrandson/the-7-deadly-sins-of-wordpress-security  @JHerbrandson
Sam Hotchkiss Building and Managing Large Multisite Networks http://samhotchkiss.com/wpapi.pdf   @HotchkissWeb
Chris Van Patten Make Your Clients Happy With Modular Themes https://speakerdeck.com/chrisvanpatten/make-your-clients-happy-with-modular-themes# @ChrisVanPatten
Matthew Nelson WOO Commerce in 45 Minutes http://www.slideshare.net/MatthewNelson/setup-woocommerce-in-30-minutes-2014 @FirstTracksNH