Talking Drupal #61 with Guest, Dani Nordin!

Talking Drupal has everyone talking this week, as the podcasters tackle usability testing and UX design. John Picozzi and the crew got to sit down with Dani Nordin, a UX Designer and Researcher at the Bentley University User Experience Center. Nordin is also a published author of platform knowledge, and (apparently) a knitting ninja! At Bentley, her next project is research-based; to determine if a tree test or a usability test is more effective in predicting the outcome of a live site’s success.

During the interview she gave insight into what it really means to be a UX designer, and how her work has evolved based on the project. As an organizer of Design4Drupal, Nordin also discusses experiences at the conference, and shares some humor on Drupal 8.

To see the whole podcast, check out the link provided below: