Building a New Foundation for The Foundation Center


Discovery is something our team both enjoys and excels at, and through our analysis for The Foundation Center we were able to identify WordPress as the platform that would best meet the their needs. As part of the migration, which was one of our largest, we also gave them a fresh visual design that was flexible enough to meet the needs of all sites regardless of size or scope—and work the same way across all mobile devices. We even customized backend functionality to meet some of The Foundation Center’s unique needs, like grant calculation, as well as the ability to upload documents to a secure platform for use by limited-audience access. Now, the center’s team is working from one platform and a single core code base (insert collective “ahh …”), and everything is running smoothly. On a final note, our greatest pleasure was training their team to move forward with a new, streamlined workflow inside this single platform—and giving them the ability to provide their valuable service to more and more organizations.