WordCamp Boston: Tools to Assist in Automating Your Development Workflow

Earlier this month, approximately 600 of my closest friends and I attended WordCamp Boston. This was my first experience at a WordCamp, and it did not disappoint. I attended several great talks, but one caught my attention: Aaron Jorbin’s “Developing an Automated Workflow for Front End Development“. This was a presentation packed with applications and utilites to aid in reducing development bottlenecks.

Mr. Jorbin suggests utilizing the command line, using dotfiles, and using tab completion to speed up the process. Taking advantage of hooks in git will help to automate workflow, or use your computer’s camera to take a photo of you on a commit.

For WordPress deployments, WP Stack and Capistrano can be a great help.

Mr. Jorbin crammed an almost overwhelming amount of information into the short amount of time he had to present. I have only scratched the surface. I strongly suggest reading through the blog post and trying out some of the tools he has listed there. I’m planning on incorporating some of them myself and I would love to hear what tools you have found useful.