Oomph launches new site for Wildflour Bakery & Juice Bar

Back in December, 2010, the owners of Garden Grille were about to soft launch a new bakery concept a few doors down from their successful vegetarian restaurant. The new cafe would feature only vegan – devoid of animal products, no honey, eggs, milk or cheese – baked goods and desserts, as well as a handful of gluten-free options. In addition to the baked goods, the cafe would offer an extensive menu of fresh pressed juices, which very few – if any – cafes offered in the area. The cafe was to be called Wildflour.

In November 2010, before the initial build-out phase was complete, Oomph sat down with the owners, Rob and Uschi, to develop a branding plan and to set goals for print and web projects. After a long winter of getting the cafe running, testing products, perfecting the menu, and gathering information for the new website, Wildflour is now poised to attract customers who are started to venture outside again after a long winter.

The site is a simple WordPress theme, and the homepage is running the NextGen gallery, which Oomph found was a pleasure to work with. Since Wildflour has an active Facebook presence, Oomph decided to feature the Activity Stream right on the home page. That way, daily specials are written once to Facebook for those users, and consequently show up on the homepage. Special areas for announcements are available in the theme, as well as a blog which the staff at Wildflour will start to flesh out with healthful tips and more information about the products featured in the cafe.

Best of all, unlike some restaurant sites, the menu is plain HTML text – no PDFs to download or Flash to load – which makes one of the most important features easy to access on mobile devices. It’s also just quicker for people who want to check out the menu right away.

So next time you think you need a healthy beverage to perk you up, or a slow-brewed pour-over coffee, or just a place to relax and indulge in a dense piece of chocolate torte, check out www.WildflourVeganBakeryCafe.com, and head on down.