Rapid roll out for RI Hospital Quality microsite

On January 11th, a microsite for Rhode Island Hospital hit the web. The content of the site addresses recent news and concerns about patient safety at the hospital and is meant to deliver the latest news and structural enhancements the hospital is undertaking to address and improve patient safety and quality care.

The design seems relatively straightforward until you learn that it was mocked up, coded and tested within five days. One Friday we were given the brief, and the following Friday we were delivering four coded templates, ready for content.

Beyond that, the turn around was perhaps more impressive. The Lifespan team took those templates and rolled out over 70 pages of content – including shooting and editing the videos – in another week! Another week of a media release before the project had it’s public launch. Kudos to the Lifespan team for their tremendous effort. We’re happy to have been a part of it.