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Supporting the Drupal Community through #DrupalCares

As everyone is aware, the world is in the grips of a crushing global health crisis. Our day-to-day lives have changed dramatically. Our children are learning from computers at home, some of us are without work, and others are working from home for the first time. Events and social gatherings have been canceled or are […]

You’ve Got This! Moments of Zen from the Oomph Team

Messages of hope for first-time remote employees. A few (pre-pandemic) months ago, I made the switch to a full-time remote position after more than two decades of working in a traditional office. I began writing this article to speak to other newcomers about my unexpected struggles, never realizing that before I’d complete my first draft, […]

Adding Google as an Identity Provider with Okta’s SSO

Maintaining logins for numerous platforms can become a headache over time. This is especially the case for an organization where members join and leave often. On- and off-boarding can become a hassle to manage. For one of our clients, we needed a better way to control application privileges. If a new team member was starting, […]

COVID-19 & Oomph’s 100% Commitment

COVID-19 & Oomph’s 100% Commitment

Given the quickly shifting landscape we are all trying to navigate, I want to take a moment to communicate how Oomph is adjusting our work practice in order to keep the welfare of our team and our clients a top priority. We are 100% focused on flexibility We know that our clients, across industries, may […]